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   Copyright ® forever  F. Rasmussen   

         Software for the LYNX                                                                                                                                                                              .

         Lynx xx K   SPOOK    Spook    Use : TAPE 0 and LOAD""

         Lynx 96 K   CHESS    LogiChess 2.2    Use : TAPE 3 and MLOAD""

         Files are in MicroSoft WAV format, download and play in  Your medieplayer. 

         You will have to test volume setting in Your PC. 

         Lynx 96 K   FORTH   Programming language.    Use : TAPE 3 and MLOAD""

Lynx TAP filer , one big ZIP file containing it all







         It has been testet and works on REAL LYNX, not testet on PALE emulator.

Note, All Copyrights are respected - if anyone has complains about any of the published information, then let me know.