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I am in the process of reproducing the documentation and the schematics of the LYNX and will publish it here.

Some of the documentation is ready for download.

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Everything works !

   A few days ago I ran into a problem with the LYNX 128K , it restarted all the time - for each 10 lines it printed on the screen it did a restart.

   It was a bad eprom - it could not hold its information so it has started randomly to loose the image, burning a new eprom solved the problem.

Thanks a lot to John for providing me with all this good stuff, Thanks

 When You see the LYNX logo's on the top of the pages, it means that the information on that  page is for those LYNX


 Ex. if You see only the Lynx 128 logo on a page, then the information is for Lynx 128, if You see 96 and 128 logo's, then

 the information is for Lynx 96 and 128.

  Download logo's

  48   ,   96   ,   128   ,   Disk  ,   Tape   ,   Soft

   If You have any information about the LYNX Computer or any of the other fine old homecomputers -  schematics, hardware, software, books or want

   some more information, then just send me an email.

The building of the Lynx 128K / 192K / 256K is finished now.

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Note, All Copyrights are respected - if anyone has complains about any of the published information, then let me know.