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          Software for the LYNX                                                                                                                                                                                                   



    Files are in PALE disk format , t.ex.  FORTH.LDF


    It has been testet and works on  REAL LYNX, and  on PALE emulator.



    ---------- Lynx DOS -------------------------



    Lynx 96 K   FORTH   Programming language.  Works on 128 K too.


    Lynx 96 K   Disassembler  Z80 disassembler,  Works on 128 K too. runs on 48 K too, pick the program from TAPE section.









    Lynx 128 K  MBasic , MBasic running under CP/M.    ( CP/M bootable diskimage )


    Lynx 128 K  Fortran , Fortran F80 running under CP/M.    ( CP/M bootable diskimage )



    Following Disk images is from Camputers for the LYNX 128 , they are all CP/M bootable diskimages for  PALE Emulator


    Lynx 128 K  Cobol   Bios 1.15


    Lynx 128 K  C - Compiler 


    Lynx 128 K  E-Basic   Bios 1.15


    Lynx 128 K  M-Basic


    Lynx 128 K  Fortran


    Lynx 128 K  Turbo Pascal 












































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