Lynx 128K


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                From bare PCB to working LYNX 128K


            You need 


                     PCB , IC-sockets , Resistors , Capacitors , IC's , CPU & VideoCtrl , RAM

                     Xtal-osc , Eproms , Connectors , Soldering station , Oscilloscope , Case & Keyb


            You will need some additional components - all the components can be bought at a good

            electronics shop or at the internet.


            Don't accept newer types of the IC's - it won't work - I tried that myself, get the original

            SN 74 LS xxx , don't believe the salesguy when he say that a 74HCT type can replace a 74S

            or 74LS type, if You can't get 74 S xx type IC's - then stick to 74 LS xx instead.       


            You will also need a lot of time


            Then You can end up with   


                      A Working LYNX 128K or even 192K or maybe amazing 256K


            Note on 24Mhz Xtal



















  Copyright 2013 Frank Rasmussen