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Camputers Lynx and other fine homecomputers

One of my big hobbies are old homecomputers , just like the Commodore 64 / 128 , The Camputers LYNX or the ZX81.

I am in the process of reproducing the documentation and the schematics of the computers and will publish it here.

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   Copyright ® forever  F. Rasmussen   

     In the christmas hollydays 2011 i recieved a ZX81 kit, which I finished during christmas, and it works !

     I have build an original diskinterface for my LYNX 96K , it works fine on the LYNX128K too 

     I have finished building a Camputers LYNX 128K, now I'm working on the upgrade to 192K and 256K

     I will make a projects page , showing all my projects, new ones and old ones too. 

     Thanks a lot to John for providing me all this good stuff, Thanks

   If You have any information about the LYNX Computer or any of the other fine old homecomputers -  schematics, 

   hardware, software, books or want some more information, then just send me an email.

Note, All Copyrights are respected - if anyone has complains about any of the published information, then let me know.